English Immersion Program

Dates & Prices

Tuition: Private 1-1 English classes: $60 per academic hour. From the 21st hour/week there is a discount and the rate goes down to $50/hour.

Group English classes: 50% discount for the 2nd and 3rd student participant in the group! 

Housing: Dorms, studio apartments and hotel bookings available.  For prices please contact info@israelprogramcenter.com with the desired accommodation.

Tuition includes: Full academic program

Not included: Registration fee ($100 non-refundable), classroom materials ($50 one-time fee), medical insurance, airfare, airport transfers, course supplements, medical expenses (purchased separately), laundry, linens, souvenirs, additional trips and excursions, and personal spending money.

English Language Immersion

Visitors from non-English speaking countries traveling to Israel can take the opportunity to strengthen their English language skills. We offer affordable one-on-one tutoring sessions in English combined with immersion excursion to Anglo communities in Israel. You’ll hear, speak and experience the language in a natural environment. With Lirom Language Center’s program, you determine the level of language skill you aim to achieve, as well as the location. Whether you’re looking to hone your Business English skills in the Start-Up Nation or be comfortable in social settings with English speakers, the choice is yours! 

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