Big Idea - Location and Staff

Dates & Prices

Big Idea

Nb- Nanobytes: 2nd- 5th Grade

Kb- Kilobytes: 6th-7th Grade

Mb- Megabytes: 8th- 9th Grade

Gb- Gigabytes: 10th- 12th Grade


For Summer 2018

Session 1- July 8th - July 20th- $2345

Session 2- July 23rd - August 4th- $2345

Session 3- August 8th - August 20th- $2345

Trip between session A - July 20th- July 23rd- $445

Trip between session B - August 5th- August 8th - $570

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Location and Staff

Where Dreams Come True- The BIG IDEA home is located in the Meir Shfeya youth village- a gorgeous campus no Mount Carmel near Zichron Yaakov. Everything you need for a perfect summer is right here: Green lawns, a huge swimming pool, sports fields’ performance hall, pleasant dorms and a breathtaking view. 

Excellent Staff- All of our stuff is caring and full of enthusiasm. We let great counselors lead workshops of about 6 campers- this where you unleash your creativity and excel. Mature and qualified counselors from Israel and abroad do everything to make this summer a life changing experience. 

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