Why study Arabic?

Dates & Prices

Dates: February 26 - June 21, 2018

+ 300 hours of Spoken Arabic;

+ 100 hours of Modern Standard Arabic;

+ 32 hours of Middle East history;

+ Academic transcript for 16 college credits from AL-Qasemi Academic College of Education (CHEI accredited) 

+ Host families, immersion, volunteering projects, movie nights, and social activities; 

+ Trips and tours in Israel and Arab-speaking communities.

Tuition: All inclusive program of Arabic $9,900 + $250 application fee

HousingDormitories in a pastoral campus of Givat Haviva - 2 people per room, rooms with en-suite bathroom and kitchenette.

Tuition includes: Full academic program, accommodation, 3 meals on weekdays, medical insurance.

Offered at a fee: airport assistance, academic transcripts, single-room occupancy, pre-arrival preparatory course on-campus (instead of online), meals on weekends and weekend tours.


Why study Arabic in Israel?

Arabic is 5th most commonly spoken languages in the world, where there are some 300 million Arabic-speaking people around the globe.  Knowing both the Arabic language and some of the different Arab cultures opens the opportunities to take up careers in various fields, such as journalism, business, finance, teaching, diplomacy, and security.

Arabic is the second official language of the State of Israel, after Hebrew. Nearly 20% of Israel population are native Arabic speakers. 


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