Farsi Immersion Program

Dates & Prices

Tuition: Private 1-1 Farsi classes: $60 per academic hour. From the 21st hour/week there is a discount and the rate goes down to $50/hour.

Group Farsi classes: 50% discount for the 2nd and 3rd student participant in the group! 

Housing: Dorms, studio apartments and hotel bookings available.  For prices please contact info@israelprogramcenter.com with the desired accommodation.

Tuition includes: Full academic program

Not included: Registration fee ($100 non-refundable), classroom materials ($50 one-time fee), medical insurance, airfare, airport transfers, course supplements, medical expenses (purchased separately), laundry, linens, souvenirs, additional trips and excursions, and personal spending money.

Farsi Immersion in Israel

Lirom Language Center offers the unique opportunity to study Farsi in Israel.  There is a large Persian Israeli population in Israel where students can immerse themselves in the language, applying the skills they learn from one-on-one private tutoring in real-world settings. With Lirom, students of Farsi of all ages quickly internalize the language, as they haggle in the marketplace, order at restaurants and visit the Farsi-speaking community.  

For women looking to study Farsi, Israel is a liberal westernized democracy with equal rights towards women. Our private tutors can meet you at any location in Israel so you could fully focus on learning the language in a comfortable setting.   

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